move QCoreApplication::addLibraryPath call from KApplication to KComponentData

Matthias Kretz kretz at
Mon Nov 10 09:05:30 GMT 2008


please review the attached patch. It makes the first KCD ensure that Qt knows 
about KDE's Qt plugin paths. This is necessary for non-KDE sessions where a 
KDE application that is not using KApplication is started.

On that topic: I recently fixed krdb.cpp to stop filling up 
~/.config/Trolltech.conf qt/4.4/libraryPath with lots of path entries. Most of 
you will probably have a lot of duplicate or wrong entries in there (as I 
had). This hurts application startup time (for all Qt apps) and can lead to 
loading plugins from an incorrect path.
Because of the bug we had in krdb.cpp I think we should do a on-time cleaning 
of that config entry with a kconf_update thingy. What do you think?

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