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kstanddarddirs seems to be looking in the following places for <stuff>

with $suffix, for example being share/apps - and SPECIFIC_INSTALL_DIR for 
example being DATA_INSTALL_DIR.

And that is the current priority order.

If CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX is set to /usr and DATA_INSTALL_DIR is set to 
/usr/share/kde4, we have the following situation:

apps looks for data first in users homedir, then in /usr/share/apps and then 
finally in /usr/share/kde4/apps  until it finds something that *looks* like 
what the app needs.  If a similar kde3 app (or lib) has its data in 
/usr/share/apps, the kde3 version is currently being preferred by kde4 apps.
(debian and fedora is at least hit by this)

I have tried to patch kstandarddirs in a way that makes the following 
users home

which fixes it.

I don't fully know if my patch have any unwanted side effects though.

Comments welcome. If no comments within next week, I think I will be 
brave/stupid and just go ahead and commit.

And thanks to Matthias Kretz for pointing me in the right direction.

Man, how to insert the kernel of a display?

First you cannot ping to the coaxial BIOS for disabling the case on the folder 
to the proxy.

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