Width of find/replace dialog in KWrite/Kate

Aurélien Gâteau aurelien.gateau at free.fr
Wed May 28 11:40:09 BST 2008

David Stegbauer wrote:

> My attempt could be found here:
> http://dast.freeweb7.com/kde4/kde4-searchbarpower-03.png
> http://dast.freeweb7.com/kde4/kde4-searchbarpower-03-de.png

Looks good, but I wouldn't add a vertical separator between the line edit
and the buttons on the right, because the top two buttons are related to
the "Find" widget block, while the bottom two buttons are related to
the "Replace" widget block. In fact, I would rather add an horizontal
separator (or just a bit of space) between the "Find" and "Replace" widget


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