Runtime decision for QSvgRenderer workarounds

Allan Sandfeld Jensen kde at
Tue May 27 15:00:18 BST 2008

On Tuesday 27 May 2008, Jakob Petsovits wrote:
> Hi list,
> as you may or may not know, QSvgRenderer has not yet been considered
> accurate enough for rendering Oxygen icons on the fly. That has two
> noticable effects:
Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't one of reasons we have shipped PNGs for 
this long because the small sizes (16x16) are too ugly if not manually 
cleaned and sharpened after being scaled?
Is this no longer an issue, or do we not care about small icon sizes anymore?

I always thought SVG icon-sets therefore would use PNGs when available and 
only use SVGs for unavailable sizes.


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