Kubuntu Settings in KDE

Bernhard Rosenkränzer bero at arklinux.org
Thu May 22 19:20:56 BST 2008

On Thursday 20 March 2008 17:42:17 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>  * Sub menus are bad.  To simplify the k-menu, Utilities has been
>    flattened to one level.  The old kcontrol categories
>    (X-KDE-settings-hardware etc) have been marked not to be included
>    to stop them appearing in Lost and Found.
>  * kdeglobals: show previews in file manager by default
>  * kcookiejarrc: accept cookies by default (I find it hard to believe
> normal users really want to filter every single cookie)

Agreed -- those are changes we make in Ark as well.

>  * cryptodefaults: don't warn when submitting forms to unencrypted
>    sites, everyone does this all the time with Google etc

Maybe we should add exception rules to the dialog, so we can exclude common
search engines while still warning when a user is about to submit e.g. bank 
details to a phishing site?

>  * kio_httprc: set Firefox userid on google.com, makes gmail and
>    calendar work

Definitely improves the user experience in the short term... But in the longer 
run, it takes away the incentive for google to actually fix their stuff and 
support konqueror properly, and opens the door to really breaking things 
(e.g. if they ever start using Firefox specific JS code for "Firefox" users 
in those web apps -- we don't have any control over when they're updated...)

>  * kwalletrc: don't run first time wizard, its more confusing than
>    than just asking for a password

True, but it also takes away the obvious way to set up kwallet correctly, and 
kwallet is really something everyone should be using...
So I disagree here.

>  * ktip: don't run this.  Just kill it.  Kill it dead.

Agreed with not running it by default, disagreed with killing it (no reason, 
and some of the stuff in there is actually worth reading for newbies if they 
want to go through it.)

>  * kwin: double click on window bar to maximise/minimise (does anyone
>  * use windowbar shading?)

I think it should stay as is -- and yes, I use it ;)

>  * konquerorsu: NoDisplay in apps menu (root is bad)

Disagreed -- if a user doesn't have an obvious and convenient way to get "root 
stuff", some users _will_ end up just working as root all the time (or even 
doing root autologin), which is far worse.

>  * klipper: NoDisplay in apps menu (autostarted)
>  * systemsettings: NoDisplay in apps menu (in Computer and Favourites)
>  * kmenuedit: NoDisplay in apps menu (in right click menu)
>  * Home.desktop: NoDisplay in apps menu (we have a Computer menu)


>  * click instead of hover on kickoff

Agreed (but I still prefer the KDE3 style menu over kickoff, maybe we need to 
come up with something better altogether)

>  * kwalletmanager: NoDisplay in menu (available though systray applet)


>  * kppplogviewer: NoDisplay in menu (available through kppp)


>  * NoDisplay on apps included in Kontact, users don't need two ways to
>    get to the same thing

The Kontact bar takes away a bit of display space (important on devices with 
very low resolutions, which seem to be becoming more common these days 
again), and uses up a bit of memory (also relevant for low-end devices), so I 
can see why some people would want to launch the apps separately...

>  * Add an autostart file for kmix, set main window hidden by default


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