decibel and dbus names

Matt Rogers mattr at
Thu May 22 05:16:06 BST 2008

On Wednesday 21 May 2008 09:45:44 am Tom Albers wrote:
> Op zondag 17 februari 2008 15:24 schreef u:
> > Decibel being in kdereviews was not yet officially announced, so we have
> > some leasure to fix small issues like these:-) And yes, basysKom is still
> > supporting the development of Decibel.
> Tobias,
> kdereview is not the place for development.
> So I would prefer if you officially announce it and indicate the plans
> (move to main for 4.2 or extragear) or that it moves to playground for
> further development.
> Best.
> Tom Albers

It needs to go back to playground IMHO. I haven't had the chance to dig in 
like I wanted to and there are some serious issues with the buildsystem for 
one, that IMO, keep it from being in a main module or even in extragear.

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