[PATCH] khtml rendering (kde4)

Sergey Saukh thelich at yandex.ru
Mon May 19 02:57:03 BST 2008

In a message on Saturday 17 May 2008 Matthew Woehlke you wrote:
> > There is a problem in render_replaced:
> > if backgroundColor is not valid (i.e. is not set explicitly for widget)
> > and html mode is not inCompatMode(), then backgroundColor is set to
> > QColor(0,0,0,0) (full transparent) even if transparent mode is not set,
> > which is not right. This causes form widgets to be transparent and
> > drop-down lists look wierd
> > (see "http://www.image123.net/0krx0z7pcmampic.html"). 
> > "http://www.image123.net/ki8igepr7fl3pic.html" is how form should look
> > like.
> Well that looks like it *might* fix
> http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=157850. I say "might" because I'm
> not entirely convinced Oxygen is doing the right thing failing to paint
> widgets in this instance (though, if it's really the bagkroundRole()
> color being made transparent, Oxygen is probably in the right, just
> doing what it was told).

I have this issue not only in Oxygen, but in other styles too, Plastique for 

Best regards,
Sergey A Saukh
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