Questions on the new KIO::FileJob API

nf2 nf2 at
Wed May 14 20:39:55 BST 2008

Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 May 2008, Vlad wrote:
>>> 2) - Reading Files: From reading the code in kio_file i'm not sure
>>> whether data() is supposed to emit all the requested data in a
>>> single
>>> callback
>> Yes, one data() should emit all the requested data, unless the slave
>> reaches EOF, in which case it returns all the data up to the EOF.
> No. A read can result in any number data() emits. For files it will usually be 
> only one, but for streams it can be multiple.
Hmm ... i really don't understand why KIO has to behave unlike all the 
other IO interfaces here. Which use a "one call - one reply" schema (but 
sometimes reading/writing less than requested - to keep the operations 
"atomic"). Queuing up seek()s sounds pretty dodgy to me.


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