[PATCH] khtml rendering (kde4)

Sergey Saukh thelich at yandex.ru
Wed May 14 03:26:59 BST 2008


There is a problem in render_replaced:
if backgroundColor is not valid (i.e. is not set explicitly for widget) and 
html mode is not inCompatMode(), then backgroundColor is set to 
QColor(0,0,0,0) (full transparent) even if transparent mode is not set, which 
is not right. This causes form widgets to be transparent and drop-down lists 
look wierd 
(see "http://www.image123.net/0krx0z7pcmampic.html").  "http://www.image123.net/ki8igepr7fl3pic.html" 
is how form should look like.

Patch attached.

PS. Sorry for a such wierd links, I couldn't find any better place to place 

Best regards,
Sergey A Saukh
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