Goya and KRichText

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at kde.org
Sun May 11 23:36:35 BST 2008

Hi all,

> Toma and I think that Friday 16 May would be a nice time
> to move Goya and KRichText from kdereview into kdelibs.

/me agrees happy =)

After the tagging I am working on an almost complete rewrite of 
KPluginSelector, which is much better than the one we have on 4.0/4.1 series. 
This one will use Goya for showing widgets, and right now (locally of course) 
allows sorting and filtering (for example, really useful on kwin effects, 
where you have tons of them, completely disordered).

So, after Goya is in kdelibs I will work for porting KPluginSelector to it =)

Rafael Fernández López.
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