[ANNOUNCE] automoc4 from kdesupport now supported for building KDE

Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Sat May 10 22:58:38 BST 2008


we moved automoc (the tool which does the automoc'ing) to kdesupport, so it 
can be used also by non-KDE apps (and maybe be integrated into cmake).

Since today this is now used by kdelibs (and all other KDE modules), so please 
update kdesupport in the next time.
As long as you don't update kdesupport, still the automoc from kdelibs will be 
built, installed and used.
In a few weeks, let's say June 2nd, automoc4 from kdesupport will become 
required and the one from kdelibs will be removed.

If you experience any problems with automoc, please let us know at 
kde-buildsystem at kde.org (or here).


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