kded4 lockup (which makes the desktop unusable so this is important)

Jeff Mitchell kde-dev at emailgoeshere.com
Fri May 9 01:59:55 BST 2008

Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
> Matthias Kretz said the following, On 2008-05-08 21:48:
>> Thanks for the fix. It was driving me insane.
>> On Thursday 08 May 2008, Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
>>> I believe that we should still look for ways to make kded (way) more
>>> robust. Strange things will happen everytime one module takes down or,
>>> worse, locks up kded.
>> I agree that kded4 is too important to not have some safety net...
>> Should we create a kded4 watchdog? That checks (via dbus) whether it 
>> is still running or locked up?
> And a watchdog for dbus please, collaborating with other watchdogs, 
> especially for Windows. ;=)
> That's BTW. Seriously, killing dbus-daemon is the current way of 
> 'unlocking' KUniqueApplications.

I've had good success on Windows of killing kded, kdeinit, and 
especially klauncher.  The latter should take the various kioslave 
processes with it, which seem to be what causes the locking issues on 
Windows.  Killing dbus-daemon kills all of those, I believe, but it's a 
little more brute-force than it has to be.

I've never been in a situation where I've needed to kill dbus-daemon as 
opposed to those three processes I mentioned above.


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