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Wed May 7 17:49:13 BST 2008

On Tuesday 06 May 2008, Tobias Hunger wrote:
> On Monday 05 May 2008, David Faure wrote:

> > No static qstrings. No dot files in $HOME if you can avoid it, please use
> > KStandardDirs.
> This code is in the simplistic connector implementation. It is not relevant
> in a KDE environment.

Even in a non-KDE environtment it might be better to use $XDG_DATA_HOME from 
the xdg-base-dirs spec.
See kdesupport/akonadi/libs/ for the implementation I did for Akonadi.

> > Same there.
> > Why isn't this in share/apps/Decibel? Then you could use something like
> > KStandardDirs::locate("data","Decibel/components").
> I can move that stuff into share/apps/Decibel. No problem. I will not use
> KStandardDirs::locate though for reasons cited above.

See above.


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