Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue May 6 17:01:49 BST 2008

On 05.05.08 18:25:04, Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Monday 5. May 2008 15:48:55 David Faure wrote:
> > On Monday 05 May 2008, Thomas Zander wrote:
> > But apparently the scrollbar was added for the case of very very long text,
> > it's obviously a bug that it shows up in your case:
> >
> > r732679 | apaku | 2007-11-04 14:54:36 +0100 (Sun, 04 Nov 2007) | 5 lines
> >
> > Fix the cutting of text in the message boxes by removing the somewhat
> > broken size-calculation code and put the text label into a qscrollarea.
> >
> > From my tests this makes the dialog size-up until about 1/4th of the screen
> > and then adds the scrollbars as needed.
> Looking at the code I removed, I see no reason why it would be 1/4th size, I'm 
> guessing that this was a happy usecase for apaku more then it was designed to 
> be like that :)

Actually there was a discussion about that (I think on this list),
before the change the message box just restricted itself to 1/4th (I
didn't decide on that size) and just cut off anything thats larger than
that. I simply added a scrollable view into the message box. Aaron later
on fixed some things, but afaik that were just minor things.

> I'm not sure what the best way forward is, we went round the set of solutions 
> already in the above linked thread.  I just know that the current solution 
> needs work...
> Does anyone want to put some time into a better solution?
> If not, are there objections to the removal of the scrollarea code so the 
> common usecase works again and only for the uncommon (very very very long 
> filename) things start to become problematic.

Yes, I object, unless you find a way to not cut off large error


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