Drop-in replacement for QFontComboBox, better previews

Alex Merry huntedhacker at tiscali.co.uk
Tue May 6 11:01:11 BST 2008

On Tuesday 06 May 2008 10:30:37 Chusslove Illich wrote:
> So I propose a KFontComboBox which reimplements the preview painter so that
> also shows text sample in desktop's language. A sample of the original
> QFontComboBox appearance and the proposal for that of KFontComboBox is
> given here:

I think the idea's good.  However...

> /* NOTE: The KFontFamilyDelegate code is based on the Qt's internal
> QFontFamilyDelegate in QFontComboBox (src/gui/widgets/qfontcombobox.cpp)
> Keep an eye on it for any new stuff; the last version taken into account:
> Qt 4.4 beta1 (qt-copy: r774745) */
> // This helper taken verbatim from qfontcombobox.cpp
> static QFontDatabase::WritingSystem writingSystemForFont (const QFont &font, 
> bool *hasLatin)

This makes the copyright partly Trolltech, and the license GPL, surely?

Also, does the above NOTE mean that there's potential for breakage if the user 
installs a later version of Qt?


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