KRichTextEdit for kdelibs

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sun May 4 12:36:59 BST 2008

Thomas McGuire wrote:

> Hi,
> On Sunday 20 April 2008 13:10:39 Stephen Kelly wrote:
>> Thomas McGuire wrote:
>> > How does the inheritance
>> > structure look like, KRichTextEdit : public KXMLGuiClient, public
>> > KTextEdit?
>> The way I see it working would be this:

I've been looking at this again, and I've revised it. I still have some
issues that need to be solved though.

I replaced the kpart with

 KRichTextWidget : public KRichTextEdit, public KXMLGUIClient

It can now be loaded in the simple KRichTextEditor. However, the 'Configure
Toolbars' dialog does not allow to configure either of the two toolbars
from the widget.

Also, currently I've got the krichtextwidgetui.rc installing to
${DATA_INSTALL_DIR}/krichtexteditor. I don't think that's usable by other
applications, and I don't see a way to put it somewhere all apps can find

I already have just
 setXMLFile( "krichtextwidgetui.rc" );

in the widget cpp file.

If these two issues are solvable I can start fixing the remaining code
issues in the classes and start to port applications to it. Any ideas?

I'd like to get started as soon as possible so that I can finish porting
before feature freeze.

All the best,


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