XMLGUI: preventing merges into a specific toolbar

Vladimir Prus vladimir at codesourcery.com
Thu May 1 10:15:29 BST 2008

Andras Mantia wrote:

> On Tuesday 29 April 2008 16:42:07 David Faure wrote:
>> It's an idea, but is it doable, given that KXmlGuiWindow is the
>> KXmlGuiBuilder of its factory() already?
> I don't know. :) What I did is to change how things are plugged in a KPart
> plugin (to a KXmlGuiClient). That works. :)

Can you clarify, or maybe show the code? I don't see any methods in KXmlGUIBuilder
that are remotely useful for filtering things. And the following bit of docs make
be double-suspicious:

   The virtual methods are mostly for historical reasons, there isn't really a need
   to derive from    KXMLGUIBuilder anymore. 

- Volodya

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