Alexander Neundorf neundorf at
Sun Mar 30 21:51:00 BST 2008

On Friday 28 March 2008, Randy Kramer wrote:
> The first time the computer starts (with a new distro or kde), a
> configuration screen should come up (and allow configuration to be deferred
> and "remind me later").  On that configuration screen it should be easy to
> select which directories to be indexed (allowing easy exclusion of selected
> subdirectories), and when they are to be indexed (again, easily allow
> different directories to be indexed at different times.
> The selections should also allow the user to specify which files to index,
> by extension and/or MIME type.
> The selections of when to index should include options like:
>    * at specified times (which will end up most likely being nights) and

I think many/most computers in personal use don't run over night. I usually 
disable locate, since it causes so much disk activity for a long time.

> dates (I wouldn't index all my files every night, for one thing it's
> unnecessary (sp?) wear and tear on the disk drive, as well as unnecessary
> power use--I might index a certain small set of files daily, others I might
> index monthly or less often (or maybe just on demand)
>    * just before shutdown (i.e., an option to start indexing when the user
> calls for a shutdown, and then shutting off the computer when indexing is
> complete)

While it makes sense in theory (do it when the user doesn't do anything 
anymore), I guess this could be very annoying ("I though linux is fast, and 
now it takes even 5 minutes to shutdown !".

>    * at startup--I'm almost willing to bet no one will choose this unless
> you make it the default choice, in which case see my last paragraph, below
> In addition, there should be easy to use tools on the toolbar to do things
> like:
>    * index a specified directory now

Yes, this would be good, e.g. for the case that you also want to search a 
directory which is not inside your home.


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