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Sun Mar 30 20:38:25 BST 2008

On Saturday 29 March 2008, Jonathan Marten wrote:
> interface of the kooka application.  This has necessarily lead to some
> changes in libkscan: with great care it may have been possible to keep
> this library BC or at least source compatible, but in the interests of
> cleaning up the code and API (improving maintainability in the future)
> I decided not to have that as a high priority. 

if you do break BC with the current libkscan, please be sure to bump the 
number on the library to to prevent breaking other apps that 
use it.

in kde4, it seems that it gets loaded as a plugin, which would make that 
rather easier (either just reintroduce it as a library, or rename the plugin, 
e.g., and provide a different .desktop file for it)

> So it is likely that, 
> if libkscan in kdegraphics is updated, it will have to happen at a
> major release.  I intend to port to KDE4 as soon as that becomes
> usable for my day-to-day desktop...

of course, you don't need to be running the kde4 desktop to be running or 
developing kde4 apps.

> It would be good if there was only one of libkscan and libksane, but
> without looking at each of those libraries and the applications that
> use them it's not possible to say if that could happen.  I would
> certainly be willing to investigate libksane, once Glimpse is stable,
> to see if Kooka could use that instead.

given that the suggestion is to move glimpse into kdereview, it is supposed to 
be at a stable state already.

perhaps you, Kåre, myself and whomever else would care to could meet on irc at 
some point in the near future and spend some time looking at the two 
libraries and deciding which way to go?

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