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On Sunday 30 March 2008, Allen Winter wrote:
> Speaking from a Release Team perspective... certainly we
> don't want two libraries with similar functionality, if that
> can be avoided.  But we also want/need a scanning capability
> within the KDE main modules.

in the short term, i think housing these new apps/libs in 
kdegraphics-extragear makes the most sense.

eventually i imagine we'll have to deprecate libkscan in any transition rather 
than simply discard it.

(libkscan doesn't use the dptrs extensively, so i wouldn't be surprised if it 
has actually accidently broken BC at some point in its history.)

the issue we have now is that both libkscan and libksane are back at the 
table, neither being BC with the current libkcan.

while i'm personally cool with having a deprecated libkscan and either a 
libksane or a libkscan2 in there ... i think it would absolutely daft to have 
three scanning libraries in there, one deprecate and two "new".

so i can see a few ways to deal with this:

* merge the libscan and libsane efforts.
* keep one of the libs private and push the other one into kdegraphics
* keep both libs private and see which one matures the best in the long run

merging the efforts would be best as it would increase the number of people 
working on it. since the numbers are low in each project, it wouldn't result 
in overcrowding and so should actually help improve the robustness of the 
project. i don't know if that is either desirable or feasible from the 
perspective of those working on libkscan and libksane, but it would be in the 
best interests of KDE. it's always tricky to do such a merging of projects, 

i'll be looking for direction from both teams as they approach wanting to be 
moved into kdegraphics.

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