Shortcuts / konsolepart conflict

Anders Lund anders at
Sun Mar 30 13:46:39 BST 2008

On s√łndag 30 Marts 2008, Michael Jansen wrote:
> The other solution is to unconditionally override all shortcuts for the
> konsole part. That would mean at first you're trapped. The terminal get's
> the focus and all kate shortcuts immediatly stop to work. You would have to
> use the mouse to get back to the hosting application.
> But i think it should be possible to put a shortcut from the host into
> konsole_part that gives the focus back.
> We would have a complete separation keyboard wise between konsole_part and
> the hosting application. I think that would be the cleanest solution. But
> it's quite some behavioral change for the konsole so i will leave that to
> the maintaners, whoever that is :-) .

FWIW I am for this solution also, it is the only one really making sense.


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