kB in KDiskFreeSpace and others

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Fri Mar 28 13:35:19 GMT 2008

> > OK for me to change the documentation text, then?
> Am I right in concluding from what you say that Dolphin reports sizes in
> kB (1000B), not kiB?

No, Dolphin reports the size in kiB and also the output shows "kiB". But Jeff thought that Dolphin shows "kiB" as unit and that the numbers are shown in "kB"... This was because the documentation for KDiskFreeSpace said in the docu that i returns kB although it returns kiB ;-)

-> Jeff just wants to update the documentation so that it's 100 % clear what KDiskFreeSpace returns

> This comes as a surprise - wouldn't it be better to
> change the code to use kiB, and label the values as such. The only
> unambiguous unit is kiB since kB can in practice (even if not in SI
> theory) refer either to 1000 or 1024 bytes.
> IMHO it's important to ensure that the displayed values are as far as
> possible clearly understandable without having to refer to the
> documentation. Documentation should serve the function of expanding on
> what the user can already be expected to already understand, or to clarify
> when there is already doubt in the user's mind. It shouldn't be there to
> tell the user that his reasonable assumptions are wrong - this sort of
> information is unlikely to be found by the user at the time it is needed,
> since in this case the user doesn't realise there is anything which needs
> explanation.
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