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Fri Mar 28 08:48:28 GMT 2008

On Thursday 27 March 2008, Luciano Montanaro wrote:
> This is not a problem for your typical, current, desktop PC. But many
> linux-friendly devices are being deployed where memory and disk space are
> limited resources (the Classmate, the Eee PC... more models seem on their
> way),

the first gen EEE PC comes with python on it already; the next generation 
devices will have even more storage. so these really aren't the devices that 
we need to be worried about here. when we're talking about "can we fit a 
python interpreter" on it, we're talking small devices like phones, 
ultraportable tablets, blackberries, etc..

> so, while I agree that having interpreted code for settings and 
> rarely executed programs is a valid choice, I'd rather at least have one
> "blessed" language for this kind of modules.

honestly, a bigger real world problem here is fitting these dialogs on the 
screen size of these devices. as you get to small devices, i find that things 
like guidance run out of screen space first ;)

> That may be Python, or something else... I'd prefer one of the ecmascript
> interpreters we ship, actually...

for in-application scripting, absolutely. for full apps, something with more 
available libraries, more application dev appropriate docs, etc would be 
nice. in fact, many of the things that make ecmascript really great for in 
application scripting are hindrances for full app devel ime.

> It would be nice if we had one javascript interpreters instead of two--
> soon three, but that's another problem.

a third? oi.. whre's this?

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