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Fri Mar 28 08:41:34 GMT 2008

On Friday 28 March 2008, Leo Savernik wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 27. März 2008 schrieb Sebastian Kuegler:
> > On Thursday 27 March 2008 20:51:11 Leo Savernik wrote:
> > > So I'm not convinced that the benefits of introducing python KDE core
> > > applications outweigh the disadvantages.
> >
> > What's your definition of a core application? We might all agree ...
> Everything that is released with a new KDE release.

that's a very broad brush stroke. 

as a firm example (i hate arguements of the vague =): is khexedit, er, oktetta 
really a core app? would it make one lick of difference if it were writting 
in python, ruby or c++? other than the savings in developer time (and 
possible improvement in developer comfort if they are more familiar with a 
non-c++ app), i don't think it would. even if written in python it would run 
just fine in a UMPC system and i wouldn't see the problem of not having a hex 
editor written with kde that ran on a phone ;) kudos for picking c++, but in 
these cases, i really think leaving it up to the author will mean we get more 
apps, quicker and with fewer bugs.

for this reason, i think we lose the benefits we would otherwise stand to gain 
by painting too broadly here. 

my proposal would be to define kdelibs, kdebase-runtime/apps/workspace 
essentials as core apps that should be kept rationally lean and mean, with 
the rest of the apps being dealt with on a case-by-case basis using common 

p.s. the eee pc is a bad example for memory constrinats; it comes with half a 
GB of main memory (and up). there are other interesting potential target 
devices that come with far less, such as the n800 which comes with 
as "little" as 64MB, so your point about paying attention to memory 
consumption is imho valid. that said, the olpc with 256MB of main memory uses 
python extensively. *shrug*

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