Guidance in KDE Admin

Nicolas Ternisien nicolas.ternisien at
Thu Mar 27 12:23:05 GMT 2008

>  This is not a problem for your typical, current, desktop PC. But many
>  linux-friendly devices are being deployed where memory and disk space are
>  limited resources (the Classmate, the Eee PC... more models seem on their
>  way), so, while I agree that having interpreted code for settings and rarely
>  executed programs is a valid choice, I'd rather at least have one "blessed"
>  language for this kind of modules.
>  That may be Python, or something else... I'd prefer one of the ecmascript
>  interpreters we ship, actually...
>  It would be nice if we had one javascript interpreters instead of two-- soon
>  three, but that's another problem.

Python has a byte code support and it hot compiles any class or file
it needs, so it's not a pure interpreted script language, compared to
existing Javascript interpreter (I don't know if the KDE/Webkit
implementation is different, but IIRC, Adobe was the first to release
to open source a VM Ecmascript, which could be integrated into

Of course, Javascript is the first embedded language in KDE, but
framework like Kross does not support this language only, so why not
the build process too.

I don't want to convert this thread to a language-troll-comparator,
but just to prove that Python provides [min,max]imal requirements to
come into KDE tree.

About limited resources machines, I have personally no idea if Python
is a resource killer or not.

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