Guidance in KDE Admin

Sebastian Sauer mail at
Wed Mar 26 23:01:38 GMT 2008

Nicolas Ternisien wrote:
> What is your main problem about this Leo ?

I agree with Leo and don't particularly like that idea too. I guess mainly 
cause of two reasons. 1) why Python and not language XYZ and if also language 
XYZ then 2) I hope we don't end to depend on n different interpreters to get 
a basic KDE setup running. Also it may help to keep in mind that over the 
years traditional desktops will be extended/replaced with smaller portable 
devices and there Moore's law isn't that active since the progress may not go 
into faster hardware but longer lifetime, smaller devices and more 
functionality (I still hope to see one day the plasma analog clock running on 
my watch).
I guess my fear is, that we open a door there and wan't be able to provide any 
hint why that door is only open for some (e.g. why exactly Java but not Mono 
which is GPLv2 too btw? not needed to answer, just a sample that matches to 
what Nicolas wrote and should show that there is already potential for 
But maybe a general "each language is welcome" and a clear limit to optional 
modules (so, nothing what is needed to have a basic KDE-desktop running) 
would help there already?!

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