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Gary Greene greeneg at tolharadys.net
Thu Mar 27 01:52:54 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 26 March 2008 11:17:26 am Sebastian Kuegler wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 March 2008 16:22:50 Gary Greene wrote:
> > > -1 too, it is evil, did anyone ever tried to contact google about the
> > > issues btw? (whatever they are).
> >
> > Yes, there has been contact with the GMail and Calendar teams (by me),
> > and the response from them wasn't very helpful: either be bug for feature
> > compatible to Webkit or Gecko, or get more users (a whole lot more) and
> > then we'll support Konqueror.
> That's interesting, since we *are* compatible, the issue is that based on
> the user agent, we get a page that doesn't work...

No, we aren't.

We don't implement the full range of Mozilla extensions, nor do we support the 
complete scope of WebKit in KHTML.

> In any event, I don't think we should spoof our user agent. If distros
> decide to do that, that's different, but we should not.

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