Guidance in KDE Admin

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at
Thu Mar 27 00:03:38 GMT 2008

On Wednesday, 26. March 2008, Nicolas Ternisien wrote:
> No other opinion ? If you agree, just say Yes/+1 or No/-1, just to be
> sure this is something useful, and that will help KDE Admin being more
> interesting.

Guidance's modules are mostly cool, but I never liked its runlevel config 

It doesn't attempt to explain what those four "Multiuser Modes" are good for 
or what's the difference betwen those (and the "Singleuser Mode"), or which 
one is the one that is relevant to my standard session.
Its list view doesn't contribute to a good overview of the services that 
should be run, the matrix view of the sysv-rc-conf ncurses tool does a much 
better job at that.
The "Halt" and "Reboot" runlevels also use the "Start at Boot" column despite 
the services being shut down actually. (If you don't know that, you're 

On the whole, I personally would not leave Guidance's runlevel config in the 
hands of a user who doesn't know upfront how to configure this kind of stuff 
via the command line. If that module goes into KDE Admin, it needs a serious 
rework of the whole user interface.

Guidance's userconfig mostly duplicates KUser, although the latter is not 
implemented as a KCM module and has a slightly different interface. It would 
be interesting to see which application provides a better starting point, and 
merge features of the other user configuration app into that one in order to 
prevent two apps in KDE Admin that have the same goals.
(displayconfig vs. xrandr has already been mentioned by Jonathan.)

I find mountconfig and wineconfig very nice, they do fill a gap and are 
sufficiently nice on the user interface. If you work on getting Guidance into 
KDE Admin, I would assume those two to be the most worthwhile targets.
Plus the challenge to merge displayconfig/xrandr and userconfig/KUser features 
into one each.

In hope not to sound too offending, wishes,

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