Making FindBoost prefer Boost_ROOT

Andreas Pakulat apaku-Mmb7MZpHnFY at
Wed Mar 26 23:27:40 GMT 2008

On 26.03.08 17:25:58, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> In order to get my Boost_ROOT honored rather than the system boost in  
>> /usr/include (which is too old), I had to make the following changes to 
>> FindBoost.cmake (this is from kdevplatform, but I've had to copy the  
>> module to pimlibs and now kdesdk also, due to the module from cmake  
>> 2.4.6 being similarly inadequate). Should I commit this?
>> CC'ing also the cmake list, as I'm not sure what to do about this as 
>> far as upstream; maybe someone will have comments.
> In addition, I'm used to environment variables being all-caps. Is  
> FindBoost intentionally deviating here, or was this a search-and-replace  
> oops? If not, how would people feel about applying this?

Thats intentional as per the cmake module documentation. That suggest to
use the same capitalization as for the part between "Find" and ".cmake".


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