Making FindBoost prefer Boost_ROOT

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Wed Mar 26 23:07:03 GMT 2008

Alexander Neundorf wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 March 2008, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>> In order to get my Boost_ROOT honored rather than the system boost in
>> /usr/include (which is too old), I had to make the following changes to
>> FindBoost.cmake (this is from kdevplatform, but I've had to copy the
>> module to pimlibs and now kdesdk also, due to the module from cmake
>> 2.4.6 being similarly inadequate). Should I commit this?
> With cmake 2.6 you can set the env. variable CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH, e.g. 
> to /my/boost/install/dir, and then cmake will search this first (and append 
> include/, lib/ and bin/ accordingly).
> Would that help in your case ?

er... no, not really. CMake 2.6 isn't out yet, nor is it (currently) 
required by trunk. Besides I'd rather not pollute CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH with 
random packages' stuff when I can use Boost_ROOT instead. (Shouldn't 
that be upper-case?)

I've actually had a modified version of FindBoost for quite some time, 
and just haven't complained about it. I do so now because kdesdk started 
breaking, and I accidentally clobbered the version I had previously hacked.

Given the number of boost users in KDE these days, I also wonder if we 
shouldn't move the module to kdelibs, so other packages (pimlibs, sdk, 
kdevplatform) can use it without trying to maintain multiple copies.

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