Update: Re: Printing of Shortcuts

Randy Kramer rhkramer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 13:37:45 GMT 2008

On Sunday 23 March 2008 06:56 pm, Daniel Laidig wrote:
> > Also if somebody has a hint how to remove the Component table header
> > without shrinking that particular column it would be nice. The reason
> > for that is that IMHO its a bit unneeded to have that there as the
> > component is always on an own line in the table with the full row merged
> > and the first column is always empty in all other table rows.
> - IMHO this column isn't needed at all. As it groups the shortcuts into
>   different parts the Component is more like a heading and not a column.
>   This also results in more vertical space.

From the peanut gallery, +1.

> Problems:
> - If you have bad luck, there will be a page break right after the heading. 
>   didn't find an easy solution for that, there is a PageBreakPolicy, but it
>   only allows to enforce a page break and not to prevent one.

In MSWord, you could use the settings to avoid widows and orphans.  I don't 
know if there are similar commands for a .pdf file (and I'm not sure what 
program you are using to print the shortcuts (I wasn't reading the other 
posts that carefully).

I would guess that many people will want the shortcuts printed as compactly as 
possible (like one sheet, front and back) as it may be a reference that they 
want to keep near their computer.

Randy Kramer

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