Feedback wanted: multiprocess KDED

Sebastian Trüg strueg at
Tue Mar 25 08:20:15 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 25 March 2008 08:32:31 Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Sebastian Trüg wrote:
> >So here the question: would a patch that changed kded to use
> >subprocesses while staying completely backwards-compatible be accepted
> > for KDE 4.1?
> I don't see how you can make this happen.

I already did. It is simple: create a service stub application which loads one 
KDEDModule and control a bunch of them in KDED.

> Are you going to move only specific services to sub-processes?

All of them. 
Without any API changes. The only tricky thing is the "/modules/foobar" D-Bus 
interface which has to be forwarded with some D-Bus magic. But even that is 
not that hard.


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