[PATCH] KDirOperator: associate action collection with parent rather than toplevel

Peter Penz peter.penz at gmx.at
Mon Mar 24 09:15:35 GMT 2008

Hi Anders,

On Sunday, 23. March 2008 21:02:58 Anders Lund wrote:
> Here is another patch for KDirOperator. If setting the shortcutContext to
> Qt::WidgetWithChildrenShortcut should make sense, the actioncollection
> shouldn't be associated with the toplevel window.
> This patch means that the shortctus from kdiroperator does not conflict
> with the host app (such as kate), and the widgetn needs to be focused to be
> navigated.
> With this patch, I do not need to manipulate the shortcuts in kdiroperator
> from kates file browser.
> Thank your to Albert Astals Cid for pointing it out.

Looks fine for me, please commit.

One important note: I'm not the maintainer of KDirOperator, I just did the 
initial porting to KDE 4 as nobody else seemed to like porting file views ;-) 
What I want to say is that I'm no expert for the whole KDirOperator code, but 
I fear nobody else might reply here...


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