kdiroperator shortcuts

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Mar 23 14:39:12 GMT 2008

A Sunday 23 Març 2008, Anders Lund va escriure:
> Another problem related to KDiroperator and Kate:
> The Del key in kate does not work, assumingly because KDirOperator uses it.
> But the KDirOperator does not provide write access to its actions, so I
> can't change it like I could in kde 3
> (op->actionCollection->("delete")->setShortcut(somekey).
> Can someone come up with a a way to achieve this?

IMHO that's a workaround and the real fix should be KDirOperator only eating 
the key press when the focus is in certain part of the window, maybe using 
the correct ShortcutContext for the action (like maybe WidgetShortcut or 
WidgetWithChildrenShortcut) can fix that.


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