Minitools problem

Anders Lund anders at
Sat Mar 22 19:52:52 GMT 2008

On 3/22/08, Anders Lund <anders at> wrote:
> javascript:(function(){var k,x,t,i,j; for(k=0;x=document.links[k];k++)
> {t=x.href.replace(/[%]3A/ig,':').replace(/[%]
> 2f/ig,'/');i=t.lastIndexOf('http://');if(i>0)
> else if (x.onmouseover&&x.onmouseout){x.onmouseover(); if
> (window.status.indexOf('://')!=-1)x.href=window.status; x.onmouseout(); }
> x.onmouseover=null; x.onmouseout=null; }})();

Have you considerred URL encoding them? for example the '%' symbol in
that url may be confusing things as it is followed by ']' rather than
being a valid URL encoded character.

I just pasted them into the bookmark editor (long time ago, in kde 3). I 
believe that or the bookmark loader should do whatever is required with the 
text. (and if worked of course for years in kde 3, which is why i suspect 
that it has to do with KURL now inheriting QUrl)


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