[Patch] System Settings : Improve General/Advanced tabs visibility

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Mar 21 18:00:29 GMT 2008

Nicolas Ternisien wrote:
> The patch has been commited, without adding icon in the tab bar.
> http://stuff.forum-software.org/kde/system-settings-before.png
> http://stuff.forum-software.org/kde/system-settings-after.png
> We would like to have the artists and usability opinion about adding
> or not the icons (in the after.png screenshot) in the tab bar, of
> course, different from the currently selected in the screenshot.

For this instance, icons would be fine IMO, but I (also) don't like the 
bold text. So... I think my opinion is to keep the old behavior, but 
with icons. (Which as I read, is pinheiro's opinion also, so...)

I sure hope they never make a hearse out of a Honda Element. I wouldn't 
want to be caught dead in one.

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