Kubuntu Settings in KDE

Sven Burmeister sven.burmeister at gmx.net
Thu Mar 20 22:11:06 GMT 2008

On Thursday 20 March 2008 17:42:40 Jonathan Riddell wrote:
>  * kdeglobals: show previews in file manager by default

This will spam .thumbnails and there is no service that cleans up that well 
hidden directory. A filled up ~ can lead to data-loss.

>  * click instead of hover on kickoff

-1, I use kickoff for a long time, much longer than KDE 4.0, and this is 
absolutely no issue and an improvement that should not be hidden by default. 
Those that want the old style should use the old-style menu, which btw. does 
not open its categories on clicking. I wonder what people would say if that 
was default.

>  * Don't show profile option for kate, its confusing and gets in the
>    way of the app just starting

-1. People who want to use kwrite should not use kate and the sessions are 
very useful and part of the advanced editor that one wants, if kwrite is not 


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