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Andreas Pakulat said the following, On 2008-03-18 22:39:
> On 18.03.08 18:57:28, Jaroslaw Staniek wrote:
>> Andreas Pakulat said the following, On 2008-03-18 00:54:
>>> I think thats all for now, any other comments are welcome as well.
>> The idea is good but the implementation is dependent on QTreeWidget.
>> Would it be possible to have it working outside of the config dialog?
> Huh? What do you have in mind?

(OK, just talked to apaku last evening, and he asked to paste the conversation 
here in order to keep some ideas here in context)

[2008-03-19 19:31] <apaku> jstaniek: late pong :)
[2008-03-19 19:32] <jstaniek> apaku: ok... re 'Printing of Shortcuts'
[2008-03-19 19:33] <jstaniek> apaku: we need to instantiate the shortcuts 
dialog in order to print the items in your solution, right?
[2008-03-19 19:33] <apaku> jstaniek: "just" the editor, but yes.
[2008-03-19 19:34] <apaku> jstaniek: but nowhere else the information is 
gathered and I also think thats a pretty good place for the print button.
[2008-03-19 19:35] <jstaniek> apaku: yeah; I am not asking just for asking; I 
do have problems with KActions in Kexi and their binding to places like this 
dialog; for example the names of actions in submenus are problematic when I 
print them
[2008-03-19 19:35] <jstaniek> example: Import -> Table From File
[2008-03-19 19:35] <jstaniek> and Export -> Table From File
[2008-03-19 19:36] <jstaniek> -this gives use at least two 'Table From File' 
actions :)
[2008-03-19 19:36] <apaku> jstaniek: aah. Would sorting out the ones without 
shortcut help?
[2008-03-19 19:36] <apaku> jstaniek: the problem is that for an arbitrary 
action its not easy to get the "right" menu that it sits in  to get some context.
[2008-03-19 19:37] <jstaniek> yeah, context is a problem here;
[2008-03-19 19:37] <apaku> jstaniek: I've been working on that at work and the 
Qt API is horrible for something like that.
[2008-03-19 19:38] <jstaniek> apaku: well, I believe that you code - you 
decide here; so perhaps when my tabbed toolbars API stabilizes one day, we can 
have better automatic printing of the actions docs too.
[2008-03-19 19:38] <jstaniek> yeah
[2008-03-19 19:39] <apaku> jstaniek: I can access the QAction itself and ask 
it for the widgets its contained in and just try those until I find a QMenu 
that has a proepr title.
[2008-03-19 19:39] <jstaniek> yeah
[2008-03-19 19:40] <apaku> jstaniek: One thing you could do is put those 
actions into two different collections and give them to the editor with 
separate titles
[2008-03-19 19:40] <jstaniek> (note that I am not useing KXML GUI :) )
[2008-03-19 19:42] <apaku> there's some basic grouping possible with the 
dialog/editor. And the implementation even distinguishes program titles and 
groups (latter are unsupported atm).
[2008-03-19 19:42] <jstaniek> apaku: in case of Kontact, the menu actions are 
modified on change of context - would be interesting to think how to present 
the action collections in a human friently way
[2008-03-19 19:42] <apaku> can you write a short answer about the ambiguity 
problem to k-c-d so I don't forget about it, please.
[2008-03-19 19:43] <jstaniek> I hope so :)

regards / pozdrawiam, Jaroslaw Staniek
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