[Patch] System Settings : Improve General/Advanced tabs visibility

Jakob Petsovits jpetso at gmx.at
Thu Mar 20 00:29:45 GMT 2008

On Thursday, 20. March 2008, Nicolas Ternisien wrote:
> The icons are absolutely not well chosen, I think something like a
> "More details" or a "Advanced" icon will be more comprehensive for the
> Advanced tab. I've just add them to prove this will be interested to
> add something, but I think we need the opinion of some KDE artist ?

I'm a big fan of using icons where they make it easier to recognize stuff, or 
are just plain beautiful. I think neither of those apply here - there's no 
well-known metaphor for "go advanced" (for good reason, imho), and I think 
the beauty aspect is also not well served as there's already a lot of icons 
both above and below the tabs, which makes all this look crowded.

Icons there might actually increase the visual "noise" instead of helping 
users to find what they are looking for. Not that I have any word in this, 
but in my opinion we should just leave out the icons if there's not a good 
reason to use them. Even more so for places where we did fine without them 

But as I'm neither maintainer nor usability expert, I'll leave the decision to 
others whether the above makes any sense or not :)


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