Build errors in playground/plasma

Alex Merry huntedhacker at
Wed Mar 19 13:48:39 GMT 2008

On Sunday 16 March 2008 20:26:02 Kelly Miller wrote:
> Um, I just pulled playground/plasma and tried to build it, and received
> a series of errors.  Now, I know that this is not the Plasma section,
> but the error is not with Plasma; the error is in KDE's copy of Qt, in
> qt-copy.  For some reason, in the current copy of qt-copy, the Webkit
> class QWebFrame is missing a member, contentsSize.  According to the Qt
> 4.4 unstable docs, it should be in there, but qt-copy definitely doesn't
> have it (I looked), and it's causing build problems...
> I'm not familiar enough with Webkit or Qt to fix it myself, so I wanted
> to let people here know so that someone who is can figure out what
> happened here.

The member appeared in a more recent snapshot than that contained in qt-copy.  
There is a patch in playground/base/plasma/applets/webapplet that may or may 
not apply to qt-copy.  If you want webapplet, you need to either apply the 
patch or use a more recent snapshot of qt-4.4.


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