David Faure faure at
Wed Mar 19 12:46:06 GMT 2008

On Wednesday 19 March 2008, Laurent Montel wrote:
> > This way the command-line users can still just 
> > drop a shellscript into a directory without having to create a .desktop
> > file for it by hand, and the GUI users are happy with the control module.
> and when user add new script from kcm_autostart we add it to KDE autostart 
> folder as previously.

Either that, or kcm_autostart can generate a .desktop file (in the XDG autostart directory) that calls the script, no?
Not sure how the GUI is supposed to work, whether the user expects that a copy of the script is made
or that the .desktop file in the autostart directory calls the script at its current location... I guess I would
expect the second solution, if the input is indeed a file on disk (making a copy would suck; duplication of information).

> (autostart script not env/shutdown script)

Yes, those are special.

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