Calling finished() after error() in KIO slaves causes data corruption and crashes

Vlad vladc6 at
Tue Mar 18 22:06:42 GMT 2008


--- David Faure <faure at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 18 March 2008, Vlad wrote:
> > Makes sense, but I think the documentation for SlaveBase::error()
> > should be stricter, such as:
> > 
> > "This also finishes the job, so you must not call finished after
> > calling this."
> > 
> > I'll update this message if that's OK. I'll also add a comment to
> > SlaveBase::finished().
> Yes please.
> It should be enough in SlaveBase to have a member var with three
> states:
> enum { Idle, InsideMethod, FinishedCalled, ErrorCalled } m_state;
> d->m_state would be set to InsideMethod before calling get(),
> and in both finished() you would say
>  if (d->m_state == FinishedCalled) {
>   kWarning() << "finished() called twice!";
>  } else if (d->m_state == ErrorCalled) {
>   kWarning() << "finished() called after error()!";
>  }
> and similar in error().
> And when get() returns, you set the state to Idle again. You could
> even check
> that the state was FinishedCalled or ErrorCalled.
> The point is that get() (and all other operations) is a blocking
> method call. So there's no
> need for any job ID: you know that it's done when it returns, and
> there can only be one
> operation at a time.

Thank you for this suggestion. I'm attaching a patch where
slavebase.cpp and slavebase.h are modified accordingly, and I've
verified that warnings are printed whenever the kio_smb tries to call
finished() after error().

Unfortunately, I'm having trouble committing the patch due to my ISP's
firewall, so if it looks OK, please feel free to commit it.


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