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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Mar 17 09:09:43 GMT 2008

On 17.03.08 03:50:00, Michael Jansen wrote:
> The things that annoy me currently
> 1. I don't care for applications registering global shortcuts without telling
>    me and without giving me the oppurtunity to disable them. I start a
>    application i don't know, accidently press some button combination and
>    something happens. Don't like it.
>    No global shortcuts without my consent. Basta. A application is allowed to
>    advertise actions it thinks are appropriate for global shortcuts, and give
>    default values, but after starting the application the first time they
>    arent active. It's opt-in.

Great idea for apps like kwin or plamsa, no way of switching the
applications via alt+tab or something like that in a default
installation will make sure we'll soon develop KDE for ourselves again

> 4. I don't like having all shortcuts together in kglobalshortcutsrc. Call it
>    personal preference. I think the belong into the kxmlgui.rc file of the
>    application.

Or into a shortcut theme file :) Alexander Dymo has recently proposed
that (currently only on the kdevelop-devel list as it still has some
rough edges and its main purpose is to let an application override
shortcuts from a kpart)

> 2. During that registration the component tells kdedglobalaccel the location
>    of its kxmlgui*.rc file ( i think that's possible ). kdedglobalaccel would
>    need that if the user wants to configure global shortcuts and the
>    application is not running. With that information the keys kcm would be
>    able to inform you of conflicting shortcuts during configuration. But only
>    conflicting shortcuts for active components.
>    When the application is active the keys kcm would inform the application
>    via dbus of changes. No problem there.
>    I thinks it's a one component - one kxmlguiclient*.rc file association.
>    Right?

If the application uses KXmlGui. There are apps out there that don't.

> 3. Sometimes later the user activates the global shortcuts for this component
>    using the global shortcuts configuration dialog (Some global checkbox).

See above, apps need a way to activate their shortcuts or your desktop
accesibility pretty much falls apart.


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