[PATCH] KBookmarks / fd.o desktop-bookmark-specHi

Daniel Teske teske at squorn.de
Sun Mar 16 19:04:19 GMT 2008

Hi Norbert,

thanks for the patch. And sorry for taking so long to answer. As to the icon code, that looks good and correct. For the external file part, I have a few questions:

In the new KBookmarkManager::KBookmarkManager() constructor, you only start watching if the file already exists. Which if I read the code correctly means you never going to watch this file

Could you explain why you startWatch() in the destructor of KBookmarkmanager? That looks strange

In kbookmark.cc if we call the function findMetaData() with METADATA_KDE_OWNER, it returns the first metadata element which has either the right or no owner.
Which means if there are both, a metadata element with METADATA_KDE_OWNER and a element with an empty owner, the function returns whichever comes first. I think it would be better if the function would return the element with the KDE owner.
And only if such an element does not exists, return a metadata element with no owner. 


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