GUADEMY 2008: Registration and Call for hacking

Domingo Gonzalez gonavv at
Thu Mar 13 11:39:22 GMT 2008


Registration is open for II GUADEMY in Valencia on 25th, 26th and 27th
April. To register, through the section "Registration" on the
GUADEMY website (

Also call for hacking is open. Deadline for proposals: April 1th

This GUADEMY 2008 is aimed at discussing and cooperation between
desktops, and the event will be structured on the basis of discussion
forums and round tables, which will be introduced by 30-minute
presentations, according to the proposed program.

The main subject should be focused in the development or the use of
technologies of Free Desktops, which are common to both desktops or that
benefit both. According to these requirements, some topics of interest
will marketing about Free Desktops, internationalization, new needs
description, accessibility, tools that support projects or any other
topic you deem interesting.

You can send your proposal to cfh at

More information can be found in section "Call for hacking" of
GUADEMY 2008 website (

Organization of GUADEMY 2008

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