New kdebug Krazy Checker (Optional)

Allen Winter winter at
Tue Mar 11 13:26:50 GMT 2008

There is a new Krazy checker called 'kdebug' available optionally.

This checker looks at kDebug/kWarning/kError for:
1) a debug area
2) an endl (at the end)
3) a method name (at the start)

This checker is optional because most projects still
use the debug area and not the KDE_DEFAULT_DEBUG_AREA macro.

If you want this checker for your project, you need to add
a .krazy file with the line "EXTRA kdebug".  The .krazy file
must reside at the module/subdir level.  i.e. kdepim/korganizer/.krazy

If desired, I could probably create a 'kdebug-area' checker
that does the same thing but without the debug area check.
And make that a required check.... or something like that.


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