KDirModel with Node for top level URL

Christian Loose christian.loose at hamburg.de
Sat Mar 8 14:55:26 GMT 2008

Hello everybody,

I'm trying to use KDirModel for the file view in Cervisia. It worked pretty well 
so far but there is one thing I need and I can't get it to work. I need a tree node 
for the top level URL like "/home/cloose/cvs-src/kde-head/kdepim/kmail" in the 
following screenshot: http://cervisia.kde.org/images/screenshots/HEAD/mainview.png.

David suggested a few solutions on kfm-devel:

> * a "show root node" mode in KDirModel itself, but I'm afraid of the code complexity
>   if it has to follow one of two logics... Sounds like ugly mixed code in the end.
> * a proxy that "adds" the toplevel node.
>   Note that it still needs to do the usual proxy stuff (converting indexes), on top of which
>   it needs to present a model with one additional node at the toplevel.
>   Has to be done with QAbstractProxyModel, but note that you need to implement many
>   methods from the base class, not just those that appear in the QAbstractProxyModel docu.
> * I also thought of a filter proxy model that would remove "all but the wanted root node"
>   but this requires listing the parent url of the one we wanted to list in the first place (can
>   lead to strange code in the application) and this would prevent having "/" as the root node.

We wonder now who else could have similar needs? What approach would you prefer?

>From Bug #153878 it seems that at least Dolphin could use a similar feature for its folder panel.


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