KDE Services Configuration

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Mar 3 13:27:48 GMT 2008

On Thursday 28 February 2008, Michael Jansen wrote:
> Hi
> There is a problem with kdedglobalaccel i'm not sure how to fix. 
> Using "kcmshell4 kcmkded" you see an overview of KDE Services. That status is 
> determined using the following logic:
> ask org.kde.kded/kded method loadedModules for a list of loaded modules and 
> compare that to the "X-KDE-Library=globalaccel" field from all kded services 
> desktop files. 

I didn't know it worked that way. This seems fragile indeed. What about adding
X-DBUS-KdedModuleName (or X-KDE-DBUS-ModuleName if we really have to use X-KDE for proper namespacing)
to kded modules?
  (similar to X-DBUS-ServiceName for applications)

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