[PATCH] Set default Qt directory in startkde

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon Mar 3 13:11:20 GMT 2008

On Sunday 02 March 2008, David Jarvie wrote:
> Currently, startkde fails to start a KDE session when PATH doesn't contain the 
> Qt bin directory. The startkde script uses the directory containing itself as 
> the default for the KDE installation's bin directory, and adds that to PATH. 
> But it doesn't set Qt's directory.

Can you remind us what the Qt bin directory is necessary for, during an end user's kde session?

> The attached patch fixes this failure by using kde4-config in startkde's 
> directory to find Qt's location, and add it also to PATH. Okay to commit?

> ldd $bindir/kde4-config|grep libQtCore.so

I'm not sure that's portable.

> sed 's#^[^/]*\(.*\)/lib/.*$#\1#'`/bin

And this makes assumptions on the way Qt is installed, doesn't it? (Not that I can think of a case where this wouldn't be true, but you never know :)

IMHO, Qt is pre-requisite for KDE, either you set it up already or the distribution does it for you anyway...

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