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Andras Mantia amantia at
Sun Jun 29 10:10:55 BST 2008


On Sunday 29 June 2008 01:11:27 James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> I have had an RFC and a PATCH posted for some time now.  Perhaps for
> somewhat longer because I was a bit confused about it. :-|
> IAC, I have now figured it out and added a correction for a bug that
> needs fixing even if my suggestion and patch are not adopted.
> My question is how long does this need to be posted without any adverse
> comments before I should go ahead and commit it?

I didn't read your mails, but in general it works like that:
- if there is no response for a patch in 1-2 weeks, you should send a warning 
with "will commit tomorrow". If still no response, do it. This of course 
highly depends on the area where you want to commit. If the app/lib has no 
real maintainer or commit policy, this is fine. Some teams may have different 
policies, so if the code in question has an active maintainer, try to 
communicate directly with them/him on the most specific mailing list.
- for RFC you can't do anything. If there is no response, either people are 
not interested in it, or they missed. One more try/ping for that thread might 
be ok, but if there is still no response, you can't do much. If the RFC is 
about introducing new code, follow the patch way, but respect the feature and 
string freezes, and again the individual policies for a team.


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